Cuvée Maria – Brut Rosé


Cuvée Maria is a homage to the mother of sommelier Gunther De Grom. As the initiator of the Champagne de Gromard brand, he wanted to expand the range after the successful launch of Cuvée Marcel. During her 80th birthday dinner, the first bottle was opened and tasted in front of her grandchildren and great-grandson. Rosé is often described as “something for women” because of its pink color, but today as many men as women drink this delicious product.

Maria De Maegd with her granddaughters Lien en Liesa De Grom.

The vineyards in the Aube department benefit from a semi-continental climate and are predominantly on soils of marl, limestone and clay. Since the Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes come into their own better in Côte des Bar than in the northern region, this cuvée mainly consists of Pinot Meunier (45%) and Pinot Noir (40%) and a modest share of Chardonnay (15%) .

Cuvée Maria is a so-called Brut Tradition. Brut means that the dose of sugar in the liqueur d’expedition is only 9 grams/litre and feels quite dry in the mouth. This rosé is partly a rosé de saignée (wine made from the juice that is released by the weight of the bunches after the grapes are poured into the stainless steel vat) and partly (15%) red wine is added (a method that is only authorized in the Champagne appellation).

Soon we discover in this cuvée discrete aromas of red currant and melon. On the palate we experience stewed black fruit and a modest share of figs, which contribute to the finesse and complexity of this culinary Champagne.


Dosage: 9 gr/litre


  • 45% Pinot Meunier
  • 40% Pinot Noir
  • 15% Chardonnay


of which:
85% rosé de saignée
15% red wine