Cuvée Marcel – Brut Tradition

Cuvée Marcel is a tribute from Gunther to his late father, who supported him in all the steps he took as a sommelier in the wine world. Quite unexpectedly he left us for the hereafter and with this Champagne he wants to remember him with dignity.

Sommelier Gunther De Grom and his father Marcel.

The vineyards in the Aube department benefit from a semi-continental climate and are predominantly on soils of marl, limestone and clay. Since the Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes come into their own better in Côte des Bar than in the northern region, we opted for a dominant presence in this cuvée. 60% Pinot Meunier and 30% Pinot Noir provide lively fresh fruit such as apricot and white peach and give an extra character to the wine. The discreet share of 10% Chardonnay brings elegance & finesse and adds a touch of roundness.

Cuvée Marcel is a so-called Brut Tradition. Brut means that the dose of sugar in the liqueur d’expedition is only 9 grams/liter and feels dry in the mouth. Tradition means that the 3 noble grapes from the Champagne region were used. A complex and elegant Champagne, in any case deliciously gourmet.


Dosage: 9 gr/litre


the 3 noble grapes in the Champagne region:

  • 60% Pinot Meunier
  • 30% Pinot Noir
  • 10% Chardonnay